Monday, July 04, 2005

Creating and hiding fear

These Batman movies are getting better every time. The latest production, Batman Begins, tells how the caped crusader started out as a ninja-like apprentice to the League of Shadows, an ultra-secret organization of these self-appointed guardians of civilization that was hell-bent on destroying a corrupt and decadent Gotham City. Still conflicted over the death of his parents, Bruce Wayne, the heir to a multi-billion business empire, was at first enamored by the group’s ways and went into training designed to make him a swift enforcer of justice. But in a final test, the future Dark Knight adamantly refused to cross that line which separated him from the insane and criminal mind.

The script had a sprinkling of memorable lines. My favorite is that one about creating this fearsome aura as a way of concealing one’s own fear. The lesson there of course is that bullies and such people who are good in instilling dread in others are actually the ones who have lots of fears and anxieties to hide. And to sow real fear, the type which shows respect and recognition of the feared person’s inner strength, thus entails mastering these personal fears. So, one does not get rid of such fears completely. One just need to learn how to control one’s reactions to the feared object or situation. One takes the path of the Batman. 

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Daisy said...

Hi Randee,

Path of Batman that is a good perspective about his ways and how he coped with his inner fears. I was actually wordless after the movie and the residual summary of these thoughts was for me rolled into that one sentence "Why do we fall" such a common fear and falling indeed have been a methapor for most of human fears--understanding our own answer to this enables us to react accordingly and uniquely as individuals. :O)

Cecile said...

My dear friend...

Courage is not the absence of fear...but, it is rather the thought that there are more important things than will always be there...but, I also think that it is more about accepting the fear and then controlling it and not letting it control you... :)