Monday, October 24, 2005

Red planet's ranking

just found out that my blog is still being ranked in pinoy top blogs. though i have not re-inserted their html code since i decided to erase it a few months ago. (that's why you won't see the pinoy top blog link anywhere on this site. so, can anybody explain to me how these guys are still able to monitor my blog?) thought then that i really don't like this whole idea of ranking blogs a la music videos on tv. a thousand and one things can influence people to visit your site (just as there are a thousand and one things that can make someone buy that album). that would not be reflected in the statistics being compiled and reported with the ranking. besides, i would be more interested in knowing what people think about the things i've written here. and there's the comments portion for that. as long as it's not a spam out to dupe me into buying something. i've also placed a site counter, so i can monitor if people are reading my entries.

anyway, i'm ranked 440. that's out of 623 blogs.

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