Monday, April 10, 2006

When it rains

got the unbelievable news last friday. after several revisions, our new project proposal has been disapproved. this new project would have let us introduce community-based coastal resources management as a strategy for post-tsunami rehabilitation work in this south asian country. i think it would have been a pioneering work for a Philippine-based NGO to say the least. our prospective donor's comment: the proposal can not be approved in its present form. after all their previous comments on a number of things, including project management, the budget items and training activities, this was a real bummer. losing his voice to a long-drawn bout with flu, my boss strained every neck muscle in registering his comments during our discussions on the proposal. and we even posted last week a job ad for two project managers, confident that we'll have the new project by the end of the month.

what's worse, that project would have assured us of badly needed funds to keep us going for a few more months while our other proposal was being processed. now we're left with practically zero options. this morning, our network coordinator (my team mate), tendered his resignation. i had been expecting it for about a month now. but i was still a bit surprised when our boss announced it. i realized i was surprised at the news more for what it could mean to me rather than what it implied for my colleague or for the office. after almost four years of sweating it out in front of this pc (i didn't even have the chance to work in the airconditioned room upstairs), i may now need to move on again. oh well, as an old friend in college used to say, that's life.

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Daisy said...

Hi Randee,

Sino po yung nag resign?

It is really hard with funding these days.