Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Retreat journal

Had late lunch this afternoon at a fastfood joint near the office. My mind still going through all the stresses of the day. Another boring emergency meeting when I arrived at the office. My list of deadlines and things to do got a little longer again. A virus in my USB stick infected my office PC and disabled my internet browser. Had to rush off to meet my daughter and accompany her to the university where she's applying for college. All the while thinking how the hell am I going to produce the downpayment for her tuition.

Ordered a value meal with my usual fillet of fish burger. The girl at the counter convinced me to buy a float which entitled me to a stub for their promotional gimmick. They're giving away 400 iPods. Had to pay an extra 20 bucks though for the float. Went to a corner table and contentedly ate my lunch (at 5 in the afternoon). Occasional thoughts, of my partner, her husband, and daughter enjoying their summer vacation together with friends somewhere in Palawan, slipping in and out of my mind.

Suddenly had this idea of asking the universe for a sign. Some clue that it was aware of my plight, and even as all things seemed arrayed against me at that moment, everything good and just in it was already preparing a more blissful future. Then noticed the stub on the red tray. Told the universe then that winning an iPod would be a good start. Scratched the stub. Nope, no iPod. But wait, I won an apple pie.

Asked a nearby fastfood employee to get my prize. Happily feasted on my dessert afterwards. On the way home, I kept on thinking of Jung's synchronicity -- a "meaningful coincidence". I got my sign from this chaotic universe alright. Not exactly what I expected, but a meaningful one nonetheless. After all, I was hungry at that time. What would I need an iPod for? Thought about all these wishes I've been making -- about work, career, family, love. Knew then that heaven won't grant me all these things in the best possible way. But there was some faith that all the answers were forthcoming. And each would be good.

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