Monday, December 10, 2007

On the traveling bodhisattva

So, the traveling bodhisattva moved to a new place last July. It still stands on top of a pile of used papers. The new work station is bigger, but the bodhisattva’s alter ego remained bent on keeping it uncluttered. Even the cushioned dividers have been freed of notes or photos these past six months. A sharp contrast to that of the other nearby work stations. A computer, printer, calendar, and an extension phone have been the bodhisattva’s only true companions at night. Not much view outside either. In fact, none at all (unlike that previous place which had a window where one can take quick looks at passing people in a nearby apartment building). The new place is on top of a four-floor structure at the outskirts of Manila’s busy business district. It’s modern, cozy, sleek. But lacks enchantment. Seems like the bodhisattva provides the only sign of a sane, authentic, soulful existence in this place. Behind its mirthful demeanor, the bodhisattva now reminds its friend of that constant tension between what one desires and what simply needs to be done. And a way out?

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