Friday, May 22, 2009

Blog ranking

Growing tired of this site that ranks blogs by Pinoys according to the number of unique hits or visits within a given period. One thing that initially interested me about this top blogs site was the counter that they provide to site members. The counter tells them basically what position their blog occupies in the ranking. Used to be in the top 300 to 500 of the ranking for personal blogs with my redplanet. Lately, found out that my blog's ranking has taken a nosedive below the 800-mark. Tonight, I realized that I've been bumped off the entire list altogether. So, my problem right now is how to get back to the ranking. Have a feeling that posting pictures along with the actual texts for each entry have a large role to play in staying at the top. I've actually thought of taking out the counter (again) and dropping off from this ranking game before it gives me the aneurysm. But then, thought I should take this as a challenge and aim to be number 1 instead. So, for starters, I'm pasting some pictures here from my recent trip to the beach somewhere in the Bicol region. By the way, there's absolutely nothing wrong with your laptop or PC -- it's just my sepia period. Should go well with this blog's color scheme.

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