Saturday, September 29, 2012

Back to blogging

Inspired by Jessica Zafra's strategy in dealing with procastination at work, started drafting and revising again these blog posts in redplanet.  As Ms. Zafra has noted, there is no single path to greatness.  Realized that blogging could be as productive an endeavor as writing impressive concept notes, project proposals, and work plans.  Definitely more productive than just clicking all those "like" buttons, sharing links from other bloggers, and composing terse status updates in an attempt to capture one's ever flowing state of mind.

Reviewed all our hundred and plus posts, and rewrote most of the lines to fit this new justified alignment (many thanks once more to obsessive-compulsiveness).  Reduced the number of tags to streamline the labels' sidebar.  Adjusted the pictures' sizes for that more seamless text wrap (and bigger images for more recent posts).  Removed some obscure words and phrases (which should be a continuing project in the coming weeks).  Changed the entire layout as well, to use Blogspot's new templates (loved that magazine format).  

Guess the only decision point remaining now is whether to allow these advertisements and make some money out of the activity.  Or just keep the whole blog ad-free and maintain a modicum of privacy, albeit with a little tweak on the content to make it more relevant to the community.  Produce some public value so to speak.  Be a real citizen.

In any event, we're finally back to blogging folks.

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