Monday, June 27, 2005

Mind job

a partylist group here in the Philippines is putting forward the idea of establishing a "transition government" as a progressive option to the current administration that has been tainted by charges of election fraud. some names have also been mentioned as possible members of this body, including a famous professor from the country's premier state university. asked about the raison d'etre for such a bold suggestion, a supporter mentioned the need for coming out with the "sharpest" albeit extrajudicial position given the other alternatives that have been raised so far (i.e., civilian-military junta, snap polls 2, people power 3 or 4, etc.).

i voted for this partylist group during the last national elections. previous to that, i voted for the other partylist group that is now calling for the establishment of a junta. i'm still thinking whether i can support either position at this juncture. transition from what to what? where is this junta supposed to take us, and how is that future going to be different from our current situation? granted that people indeed now have some vague understanding of the absurdity of continuing with the present administration, is there an agenda now on how a more accountable and empowering government can be formed once such bodies are set up?

heavy downpours and flash floods have punctuated our afternoons these past weeks. stranded passengers line up streets on the way home. public transport fares have gone up once more. prices of commodities continue to soar. and salaries can't even tide people over until the next pay day. miners and loggers are having a field day in our forests (which is now down to less than 20% of our country's total land area). friends in the U.S. and Canada complain about not having enough fossil fuel to go around while denying that there is such a thing as global warming. nice time for a bottle of beer as you wait for the rain to subside and as you run these things over in your jaded middle class mind.

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