Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Moral absolutes and expediency

the president of the Philippines admitted last night in a statement on television that she was indeed the female voice heard on tapes currently being circulated in the capital and other parts of the country. the tapes contained what were supposedly her bugged conversations with a senior official of the commission on elections which suggested rigging of the results of the last polls in her favor. i finally found some time today to read the transcript as published in one of the national dailies. not much to go about in terms of irrefutable evidence, as the president's lawyers would probably put it. but damning nevertheless.

i wonder how pinoys, particularly the "moral majority", would react to this issue. it's one thing to oust an unrepentant womanizer and suspected illegal gambling lord from malacaƱang (presidential palace). it's another ballgame altogether with this woman president now portraying herself as capable of asking public forgiveness for "lapses in judgement" committed in the process of ensuring her electoral victory against another actor who some sectors believed would have made a bigger mess in government.

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