Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Soft and hard

i was thinking of writing something today about why the department of environment and natural resources here in the philippines tops my list of national government agencies that should be abolished (and that's not just because i have an ax to grind against the current department secretary mike defensor). but i changed my mind. that topic will have to wait for a few more days (and maybe for some more insights from my friend nonoy and his gang in the minimal government movement). feeling steinbeckish at the moment, i thought instead of writing a few words on one of these common tao (Filipino for "person") that i encountered recently. besides, this is connected to a previous post about oranges.

i had the chance once again of seeing orange and lemons perform during one of their recent gigs in a bar somewhere in manila. and part of the two-person stage crew was this guy wearing a red shirt with the words "soft and hard" written in glaring white on front. this is not the first time i've watched crew members set up a band's instruments and paraphernalia (i even remember watching this feature on mtv about the crew of a famous foreign band going about their business of preparing a dozen or so electric guitars beside the stage for this major concert). but mr. soft and hard was a real pro and was quite meticulous with his work. helped in arranging the drums, carried all three guitars on stage, set up the microphones (and brought them all up to the correct levels), hooked everything up to the sound system, tuned the bass guitar, posted the set guides, and kept himself on call during the performance.

orange and lemons' performance that night was awesome. thanks in no small way to the work of mr. soft and hard and his buddy. i wonder how much they're getting for their work. but i guess the less tangible albeit more real rewards come with the success of every show or concert. when you're watching the shows from one corner and you realize that you're an indispensable part of all these wonderful acts. plus, when you can guzzle up a few bottles of beer during the lulls and daydream about performing on stage someday. you rub elbows and chat once in a while with the fans. you get free signature shirts and CDs. you get firsthand information on the band members. and you can read that book while on the road. yup, think i'll add this to my list of dream jobs.

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Cecile said...

Is this the band you were talking about when we last communicated? The band sounds very is just that I have not heard of them...although, I must agree with your sentiment for people who are actually doing the work so that the group can have the appropriate equipment and instruments ready for them to might say that they portray a little bit of heroism if a concert is, indeed, successful...I must tell you about the "Santana" concert and "TOOL"...