Saturday, September 03, 2005

Saturday mornings

There’s really nothing like getting up on Saturday mornings. On Sundays, there’s always the specter of Mondays and the long work week ahead. Mondays are of course bad hair days, as are all beginnings. Tuesdays, you realize that you still have four full days of butt-warming work left before it’s Friday again and you can call it a week. Waking up on Wednesdays is neither really bad nor uniquely great (well yeah, it’s the middle of your work week, and there’s still no chance you’re getting that salary increase, so what else is new?). Thursdays, there’s usually this burning desire to go through the day as quickly as possible. Happiness is a Friday morning, though often a short-lived one as you are soon assaulted by the thought that another week is about to end and you still haven’t done that one thing you’ve been trying to accomplish these past months.

But Saturday mornings are really fantastic (unless you’re out on a seminar during the weekend and you only go home the next day). It’s the only day of the week when you can get up feeling genuinely lazy. Your tired mind is still reeling from that wild Friday night bash and is sharply focused on only one thing – REST. Well yes, you still have your laundry to take care of, your room needs cleaning, or it’s supposed to be the day you go out to the malls. But it shouldn’t matter much. Anything that will get your system out of the week’s hectic routine should be a welcome element on your Saturday mornings. If global climate change has not yet brought an extreme weather event in your area, you may even consider taking a stroll with your favorite pet around the neighborhood and communing with the remaining plant life in your concrete and asphalt-covered environment. Or maybe something's waiting to be pulled out from that bookshelf which has been accumulating dust all these time.

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